10273201_10206967208931333_7876549256876271931_oDr. Joe Roach and his Family.
John, Carolyn, David, and Andrew.

Experience the personalized care and expertise of a true family owned and operated pharmacy, personally invested in their community's wellness at Family Care Pharmacy, Arkansas. From easy, convenient prescription pick-ups and refills to general health and wellness advice, Family Care Pharmacy provides a level of personable care unmatched by any of their chain store competitors, coupled with a genuine concern for their friends and neighbors.

We pride ourselves on meticulous yet fast service, from our quick and easy refill and drop-off service to our convenient drive-thru; our goal is to save you time and keep you well informed. We offer clear and concise information for all of our patrons, as well as a friendly and knowledgeable staff there to assit you and your family with helpful advice on vitamins, nutrition, and health.


Wendy Hamilton - Lead Pharmacy Tech

michelleMichelle Bartlett - Pharmacy Tech

amberAmber Thrasher - Front End/Pharmacy Tech


Carolyn Johnson Hilliard - Fill in Pharmacist 

13770415_10154226133804765_5449606376134839433_nJennifer Bell - Back Office